Construction Law & Design Professionals Liability


  • Contract drafting, review, negotiation and risk management
  • Licensing issues
  • Mediation or private arbitration
  • Owner and contractor representation in construction disputes
  • Pre-litigation and litigation construction disputes and business practices
  • Project close-out services
  • Specification and bidding documents review
  • Sureties and fidelity carriers representation

About Construction Law & Design Professionals Liability

Neubert, Pepe & Monteith’s Construction Law & Design Professionals Liability practice provides a broad array of services encompassing all phases of the design and construction process, from construction contract formation and negotiation through close out, claims analysis and litigation. We represent public and private owners, design professionals, and contractors in commercial, institutional, residential and public works projects throughout Connecticut. We handle architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, product liability litigation. In addition, we handle site planning, civil engineering, surveying, and traffic control planning litigation.

The firm also handles personal injury and death cases arising from construction projects, ranging from indoor air quality to industrial accidents. Additionally, cases include equipment accidents, automobile accidents, and construction accidents. Matters also include construction-related products liability matters such as defective construction products and negligent product installation. We work with many of the country’s professional liability insurers to provide pre-claim and claim representation to varied clients. Clients include, architects, engineers, land surveyors and interior designers.

Neubert, Pepe & Monteith offers assistance with drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts, both standardized and customized. Further, we troubleshoot problems that arise during a project in an effort to avoid formal claims and/or litigation. To further service our clients, we also provide mediation and private arbitration services for construction disputes.

A surety bond guarantees that a legal obligation will be performed. In the case of construction bonds, a surety guarantees to the project owner that a project will be completed, and subcontractors will be paid. A surety that issues a subdivision bond guarantees to a municipality that a developer will install the necessary infrastructure for a residential or industrial development project. A surety issuing a probate bond guarantees that a fiduciary for a decedent estate or a conservatorship will not steal the estate’s assets and otherwise properly perform his or her obligations to the probate estate.

Though sureties typically pay damages for breaches under their bonds, they may also decide to complete performance, such as retaining contractors to complete a bonded project. Counsel for a surety evaluates coverage issues, litigates defenses to coverage, negotiates settlements of claims including the completion of construction projects, and seeks to recover damages from persons responsible for the surety’s losses. Fidelity or commercial crime insurance primarily affords insurance coverage for employers for losses incurred because of thefts by their employees. Counsel for a fidelity carrier evaluates and litigates coverage issues.