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Mar. 30

Judgment Lien Foreclosure in Connecticut

Foreclose Judgment Liens to Satisfy Money Judgments Creditors can secure money judgments by filing judgment liens on debtor-owned real estate.  Similar to a mortgage, judgment liens can be foreclosed, permitting liquidation of the debtor’s real estate to satisfy the judgment debt.  For this reason, recording judgment liens should be among the first steps taken by…

Feb. 11

Judgment Liens in Connecticut: How to Secure Money Judgments

Secure Money Judgments by Filing Judgment Liens on Real Estate Money judgments entered in Connecticut can be secured by filing a Judgment Lien on Connecticut real estate owned by the judgment debtor.  Recording judgment liens on real estate should be among the first steps taken by judgment creditors after obtaining a money judgment.  Included among…

Jan. 15

Collecting Loan Debt After Foreclosure (Deficiency Judgment)

Lenders Can Pursue Borrowers for Loan Debt Remaining After Foreclosure by Obtaining a Deficiency Judgment Lenders are frequently left with a balance remaining on the loan (commonly referred to as the “deficiency”) after completing a foreclosure of the real estate collateral for the loan. This is the case if the loan debt exceeds the value…