Casey L. Rutter paralegal with Neubert, Pepe & Monteith, P.C.

Casey L. Rutter


195 Church Street, 13th Floor, New Haven, CT 06510

Phone: 203.821.2000 | Fax: 203.821.2009

Practice Areas


  • John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Casey L. Rutter is a certified paralegal with more than seven years of experience in civil litigation. Her knowledge of foreclosure law as well as her ability to take on new assignments and support her team have made her invaluable to our firm. Recently, her eagerness to expand her expertise into new areas has led her to assist our attorneys in their work of commercial litigation.

Casey graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City, with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in law. How people think and interact has always fascinated her, but her passion has been to work with others in a legal environment where she derives satisfaction from collaboration.

The opportunity to work in downtown New Haven with a larger firm attracted her to Neubert, Pepe & Monteith, P.C., along with the exposure to the several areas of law practiced here. She grew up in Connecticut where she enjoys multiple physical pursuits, particularly CrossFit and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, a self-defense martial art and combat sport based on grappling, ground fighting, and submission holds. She finds jiu-jitsu to be about more than physical exercise; it’s a way of connecting with and supporting other women. She also enjoys reading and watching movies as well as cooking and baking when she isn’t spending her free time with friends and family.