Matthew M. Horowitz Presenter at ABA Conference The Law of Commercial Surety and Miscellaneous Bonds

May 17, 2022
Matthew Horowitz surety bonds Hartford attorney
Matthew M. Horowitz

Matthew M. Horowitz, of counsel with the firm of Neubert, Pepe & Monteith, P.C., was a recent presenter at a conference of the American Bar Association (ABA) speaking on Probate Bonds as related to court orders. Attorney Horowitz, a member of the ABA’s Fidelity & Surety Law Committee, joined distinguished speakers from across the country who presented on the law of commercial surety and miscellaneous bonds.

Attorney Horowitz and co-presenter Brian Lebrun, The Hanover Insurance Co., explored exposures confronting a surety where its principal engages in commercial conduct on behalf of the estate, and suggested strategies attempting to limit probate bond coverage to its intended scope. Horowitz, Lebrun, and Michelle Randall covered this topic in a recently published chapter titled “Probate Bonds,” in The Law of Commercial Surety and Miscellaneous Bonds, ed. Samuel J. Arena, Jr., Kathryn M. Truman, Julie S. Alleyne, and Justin D. Wear, 3rd ed. (ABA, 2022).

Matthew Horowitz has been representing sureties and fidelity carriers in Connecticut and Massachusetts for approximately 30 years. He regularly assists sureties with performance and payment bond disputes and claims arising under probate and other commercial bonds, as well as in salvage and recovery matters. He litigates in state and federal courts, appellate courts, and arbitration forums, as well as representing sureties in mediations and informal negotiations.

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