Gretchen G. Randall Presents “The Effective Expert Witness”

June 11, 2020
Gretchen G. Randall medical malpractice legal malpractice attorney in New Haven CT
Gretchen G. Randall

Gretchen G. Randall, principal with the law firm of Neubert, Pepe & Monteith, P.C., recently gave a virtual presentation to a group of attending physicians, fellows and residents at the Yale School of Medicine as part of the Surgical Critical Care and Acute Care Surgery Fellow Lecture Series. The presentation, “The Effective Expert Witness,” covered various scenarios under which a physician may be called upon to provide testimony in a professional capacity and offered tips for providing reliable and effective expert testimony.

The presentation focused primarily on circumstances where a treating physician is not volunteering to be an independent expert, but by virtue of providing care and treatment, the physician may be called by either side as an expert witness. Questions surrounding the scope of admissible opinion testimony and applicable evidentiary rules, as well as potential hazards of offering testimony beyond the witness’s own care and treatment were addressed.

Attorney Randall has extensive experience in defending hospitals, physicians, dentists, and other healthcare providers against claims of medical negligence. She defends clients in a wide variety of cases, including cases involving emergency medicine, orthopedics, labor and delivery, surgical complications, neurology, radiology and internal medicine. In addition to litigation, she provides risk management support for her clients, advising them on issues relating to charting, JCAHO, quality assurance, and minimizing exposure in future claims.  Attorney Randall is frequently asked to lecture on a wide range of medico-legal issues affecting physicians and hospital staff members.

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