Deborah Monteith Neubert Presents for Design Professionals on Private and Public Entities

May 8, 2019
Deborah Monteith

NEW HAVEN, Connecticut (May 8, 2019) – Attorney Deborah Monteith Neubert recently presented a webinar for Travelers-insured design professionals on “Private and Public Entities: What Design Professionals Should Know About Client Selection.” The Webinar explored differences between design work for public and private entities, and risk management aspects for both types of work.

Awareness of the many differences between public and private clients, and between public and private work, both from a legal and practical standpoint, can assist design professionals in evaluating whether their expectations are realistic, whether they have the right staff and support, and whether their practices are suited to the expectations of the work and the potential client.

In her broad construction law practice, Attorney Monteith has represented public entities for many years, representing municipalities in school construction projects, federal and state-funded construction projects, and local construction projects. She has also represented private developers and provided services ranging from construction contracting through close-out and litigation. Finally, she represents design professionals all aspects of their practices, including insurance, contracting, risk management, claims and litigation.

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