Attorney Brownstein Orchestrates Global Settlement In Defamation/Slander of Title Litigation Matter

November 15, 2023

James S. Brownstein, partner, recently orchestrated the global settlement of two hotly contested litigation matters dealing with claims of defamation and slander of title.

The emotionally charged litigation had been ongoing for two years when Attorney Brownstein was retained.  He worked with Partners Dennis Carnelli and Derek Mello and Associate Sarah Smerglio to craft a global settlement strategy based on a careful review of the history of pending matters.  Within four months, he was able to defuse the turmoil riling the parties and their counsels, outlining terms of solution that, ultimately, satisfied all parties.

Attorney Brownstein is a skilled negotiator and litigator specializing in real estate and commercial litigation and transactional matters, with 50 years of experience.  His efforts convinced not only opposing counsel but also his clients that settlement of the cases was in their collective best interest.  Opposing counsel were also cooperative in his efforts and, indeed, aided in calming the troubled waters to facilitate consideration of the settlement concept that was approved by all parties.

Attorney Brownstein said, “I relish the challenge of resolving seemingly unresolvable disputes.  Settlement has opened the door so that all parties can move forward, living their lives in peace as they return to ‘normalcy’.”

James S. Brownstein real estate finance attorney in New Haven CT
James S. Brownstein

James S. Brownstein, an attorney with 50 years of experience and a partner at Neubert, Pepe, & Monteith, P.C., practices in the areas of creditor rights, business law, commercial and real estate financing, general commercial law and related litigation. An experienced practitioner, Jim advises small to mid-sized companies and has a reputation for innovative thinking and finding ways to resolve issues when others cannot. His clients represent diverse industry areas including medical, transportation, retail oil sales, insurance, manufacturers, and real estate investment companies. Generally, his clients are companies with sales between $1 million to $12 million.