How to Avoid Unintended Claims Consequences to the Surety

October 5, 2022

Matthew Horowitz’s article, “How to Avoid Unintended Claims Consequences to the Surety,” has been published in Surety Bond Quarterly, Summer 2022, Vol. 9, Issue 2. “Bond producers should always timely advise the surety of circumstances that might give rise to a claim as well as consult with the surety before making commitments that might impair the surety’s ability to administer a prospective claim.”

Matthew Horowitz surety bonds Hartford CT attorney
Matthew M. Horowitz

Matthew Horowitz represents sureties and fidelity carriers in Connecticut and Massachusetts. He assists sureties with performance and payment bond disputes and claims arising under probate and other commercial bonds, as well as in salvage and recovery matters. He provides representation to sureties in transactional matters in aid of indemnity obligations.